Watermark Salmon Charter’s Location & Directions to The Marina

Watermark Salmon Fishing Charters vancouver map

[[Horseshoe Bay]] is situated in [[Howe Sound]] in an area that boasts year round salmon fishing. This puts us much closer to the fishing than a lot of other outfitters

  • If you’re in [[Whistler]], [[Horseshoe Bay]] is the closest charter destination for you, just over an hour down the road on the new Highway 99.

  • From [[Vancouver]] you are only 20 minutes from being at the boat. Why waste your time running in a boat when you can spend that time fishing. View Larger Map

Let’s get started catching [[salmon]]!

Where I am situated in [[West Vancouver]] we get all the rewards of fishing the salmon that go to the [[Fraser]] , [[Capilano]], [[Seymour]], and [[Squamish Rivers]]. I also fish the [[Strait of Georgia]] so any salmon going by, we get a shot at them.

Call or email for directions and an HONEST BC fishing update.

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Phone: 604 816 8944
5800 Marine Drive
West Vancouver. BC