Half day / 5 hours

My standard half day fishing charters is 5 hours from dock to dock. I generally fish within a 15-20 minute run from the dock at Eagle Harbor. On the way out to the fishing grounds we check crab traps to take advantage of our Dungeness crab fishery in Howe Sound -this is unavailable territory to the commercial crabbers.

Local 8 hours

This is a great way to make a day of fishing for B.C. salmon.

Gulf Island 8 hours

If the water is calm then 8hrs gives us enough time to run to the Gulf Islands for the day.

Two tide – 10 hours

This is a full day charter that lets us fish a couple of tides changes during the day increasing the chances of a good catch.

Multi-day charters

What a way to spend a few days on the water! Let me make reservations at any number of great overnight destinations: Silva Bay, Bowen Island, Sunshine Coast, just to name a few.