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Vancouver Salmon Fishing report Sept 11th 2018

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     Well hard to say anything else except August and so far in September the fishing can’t get much better.  The Sockeye run off the Fraser was incredible as was the Coho fishing in English bay with a few Spring salmon mixed in.  
     As i write this both fisheries are still good but will start to tail off soon and we will be switching over for our last real good fishery of returning fish on the West vancouver shoreline or on full day trips the South arm of the Fraser river can be an option.  
    We have a few dates remaining in September and the start of October.  For the West Vancouver fishery we only fish the flood tides as the fish get pushed toward the Capilano river so a lot of days it does not mean early mornings it is when the tide is right.  This last fishery is keying on Spring, Coho and in later September the Chum salmon.  To book a charter or ask questions feel free to give us a call and i can answer any questions you have and get you out on the right tide.  Enjoy the pictures of some of our happy charter customers over the last month with there catch. 

    If you are thinking of trying to get them yourself the gear we use is Gibbsdelta flashers the Watermark white, blue or chartreuse, or the trusty reliable chartreuse glow and can’t wait to try the new herring aide flasher they should be great also.  This fishery i mainly am a bait guy so using rhys davis heads with a 5 to 8ft leaders but some hootchies and spoons should work great also.  


Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report Aug 19, 2018

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We have had a great couple weeks of charters in Vancouver. We were fishing in english Bay for Coho and the odd Spring till a week ago and now have been off the Fraser river going after the Sockeye salmon with an odd Spring salmon mixed in. We have a few days open in August still and a few more days in September. This sockeye run should keep going into the first week of August and we will switch over to our West van fishery for the great Coho and Spring run in mid September to early October. We also get a great run of Springs and Coho off the Fraser river which we key on on full day charters. Give us a call and book a trip or ask any questions you would like to have answered. If you are trying to go get them yourself give me a shout and i will help you out anyway i can. The Sockeye have been hitting on Gibbsdelta flashers with Yamashita hootchies the springs like them to. If just keying on Coho and Springs i have been mainly using Watermark Gibbsdelta flashers with rhys davis heads and anchovies. Good luck look forward to talking to you.



Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report May 18, 2017

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With skiing over and what appears to be Spring finally making an appearance, it’s time to start hitting the water and kicking off an epic next 6 months! There has been some good fishing for the past month from the Gulf Islands, off the south end of Bowen Island and up into Howe Sound.



In the Gulf Islands at Thrasher Rock off Gabriola Island, fishing has been very good with the odd slow day to keep things interesting! Most fish have been on the smaller side 8-12 lbs and caught between 120-200 feet. Beware, some days the algae has been terrible so check your lines often to keep them clean! On this side of the Straight of Georgia there are a lot of options: QA marker, South end of Bowen Island, Cowan’s Point, Salmon Rock and Hole in the Wall to name a few. Howe Sound seems to have a lot less algae so we’ve stayed local for the most part. It has been producing some nice fish up to 30+ lbs. Great to see at this time of year! Fish have been showing up in abundance, not just size.  We’ve hit our limit on a few occasions which obviously is great for any time of year! The feed at times is surfaced by the acre, you can feel your rods shake as you troll through. I try to locate the feed and stick close by. We’ve mostly been staying just north of Horseshoe Bay up 3 or 4 miles and fishing between 70-120 feet.

Gear we’ve been most consistent with has been Gibbsdelta. Flashers have been the Watermark green or purple blade or chartreuse glow. We’ve been using Skinny G spoons in Irish Cream or Outfitter and also the Silver Horde herring aide. The bigger fish have seemed to hit on Rhys Davis heads in green UV or 2 tone green glow. They haven’t hit huge numbers of fish, but they definitely attract the larger ones!

Hopefully this spring weather continues, the rain stops and the temperatures start to climb so we can enjoy the waters around beautiful Vancouver! Give me a call for charter information. At this time of year we recommend 6-8 hour local trips so we can fish a whole tide or move spots if required. If you’re looking to try your luck on your own, give me a call for some friendly tips and advice! Until next time, good luck!