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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report May 18, 2017

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With skiing over and what appears to be Spring finally making an appearance, it’s time to start hitting the water and kicking off an epic next 6 months! There has been some good fishing for the past month from the Gulf Islands, off the south end of Bowen Island and up into Howe Sound.



In the Gulf Islands at Thrasher Rock off Gabriola Island, fishing has been very good with the odd slow day to keep things interesting! Most fish have been on the smaller side 8-12 lbs and caught between 120-200 feet. Beware, some days the algae has been terrible so check your lines often to keep them clean! On this side of the Straight of Georgia there are a lot of options: QA marker, South end of Bowen Island, Cowan’s Point, Salmon Rock and Hole in the Wall to name a few. Howe Sound seems to have a lot less algae so we’ve stayed local for the most part. It has been producing some nice fish up to 30+ lbs. Great to see at this time of year! Fish have been showing up in abundance, not just size.  We’ve hit our limit on a few occasions which obviously is great for any time of year! The feed at times is surfaced by the acre, you can feel your rods shake as you troll through. I try to locate the feed and stick close by. We’ve mostly been staying just north of Horseshoe Bay up 3 or 4 miles and fishing between 70-120 feet.

Gear we’ve been most consistent with has been Gibbsdelta. Flashers have been the Watermark green or purple blade or chartreuse glow. We’ve been using Skinny G spoons in Irish Cream or Outfitter and also the Silver Horde herring aide. The bigger fish have seemed to hit on Rhys Davis heads in green UV or 2 tone green glow. They haven’t hit huge numbers of fish, but they definitely attract the larger ones!

Hopefully this spring weather continues, the rain stops and the temperatures start to climb so we can enjoy the waters around beautiful Vancouver! Give me a call for charter information. At this time of year we recommend 6-8 hour local trips so we can fish a whole tide or move spots if required. If you’re looking to try your luck on your own, give me a call for some friendly tips and advice! Until next time, good luck!

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charters – Fishing Report – June 22, 2015

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Another few days on the Vancouver salmon charter fishing scene. The wind has still been a bit of a pain but there were some decent reports forFriday and the weekend in the Vancouver area and Gulf Islands.


I did a charter on Friday and we went to the Capilano River mouth ( West Vancouver shoreline) for the last little bit of the flood early Fridaymorning. We fished just less than 2hrs before the ebb tide was running too hard. We ended up getting a nice Spring, lost another, got a Coho, lost a Coho and had a mangled bait. Not bad for catching the last little bit of the flood tide. We did see a Coho jump off the beach so it should pick up from here on out.  With a full tide to fish, we should start getting a lot better numbers. We left the West Van shoreline and did a pass in Howe Sound at Hole in the Wall. We got a just undersized Spring and then after a good morning we headed to check the crab traps. We only had to check one trap and picked my 3 customers limit of 12 legal Dungeness crab. A great day out and they went home with 12 crab, a Spring and a Coho. Perfect for their barbecue later that evening on Bowen Island.


Through the weekend, other people I know had chances at Coho and there were a few nice Springs caught along the West Van shoreline. There are still some nice Springs getting caught at Hole in the Wall in Howe Sound just outside Horseshoe Bay.  It’s always a good bet to do a pass. Some guys in the Gulf Islands that fished the derby out of Silva Bay did well the ones that put the hours in the rough water. The Hook at Thrasher and Entrance Island were producing some good results.  Now all we need is the wind to stop blowing!  The biggest I know caught over the weekend was close to 25lbs‎.  It should also start to pick up in Howe sound in the next week or so as the start of the Squamish White Springs start heading to Squamish river systems.


Gear I use on the West Vancouver shoreline are Gibbs flashers, Chartreuse Glow or the Watermark with Rhys Davis heads.  Or I love using the Coho Killers and can’t wait to start using the Gibbs Skinny G’s.


The crabbing has been unbelievable in Howe sound and should continue for the summer we will put the prawn traps back in now that the commercial guys have finished there season to see how it is‎ and if it’s worth while we will have those out also.


Call to book a charter or ask any questions and if you are going to go out and try and catch your own feel free to call and I can help you out also.


June is usually our slow month for salmon but it looks great for the July fishery onward.  August we have our alternate years fishery for Pinks up Howe Sound.  It’s a great light tackle fishery for adults and kids and we will have the Pink and Sockeye run off the Fraser River.  ‎August is starting to get booked pretty solid so call to book sooner than later.

Mark – 604-816-8944