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December 8th Salmon Fishing Report for Vancouver, BC

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With winter taking longer to arrive this year, we’ve had some amazing weather to allow us to capitalize on the great fishing in the Vancouver area. We’ve been out a lot over the last month, primarily venturing into Howe Sound to the west side of Bowen Island. We have mainly fished Tunstall Bay, 3rd Marker and Hutt Island other great bets  are Grace,  further up Howe Sound Defense Islands and Porteau Cove or ventured around to English Bay.
A key method for winter fishing is to drag the bottom. We’ve been successful getting a decent mix of legal Spring salmon, undersized salmon and the odd rock cod, lingcod and flounder which we release. We have had a lot of these days with a great mix of active fish. As far as gear goes, we’ve been using Gibbsdelta gear – Watermark flashers green, purple and blue and Rhys Davis the Herring Aide head with anchovies. We’ve been using the Skinnyg outfitter spoons, Irish cream or the Silver Horde Herring Aide and Irish Cream. Also adding to our success, there is a lot of feed around: herring and anchovies. If the feed stays, so will the fish! This could mean continued great fishing for the next few months in Vancouver!
Generally on our charters we try to hit a low or a high tide so leaving early morning isn’t a necessity. Feel free to call us to ask about the daily reports, to book a charter over Christmas or if you’re looking for tips when venturing out on your own! As a bonus for charters this time of year, we throw the prawn traps out to contribute to your seafood fest!!

Watermark with Canvas On

Watermark with Canvas On

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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report – July 10, 2018

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Nice limit of Spring Salmon (King Salmon) and hatchery coho (Silver Salmon). Great morning

Happy Charter Customer from Texas

Cruising home on the Watermark after a great evening fishing charter

The lineup that has worked this week.

Summer in Vancouver has arrived and we’ve had some great fishing charters in the past week! The Coho (Silver salmon) have shown up earlier than normal and in big numbers in the waters around Vancouver including: Bowen Island, English Bay, Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound.We’ve also had some nice Spring salmon (King salmon) mixed in which has resulted in days full of action! We have mainly been fishing the South/South West part of Bowen Island when calm winds allow. On windy days we’ve been looking for the Spring salmon (King salmon) close to Horseshoe Bay at Hole in the Wall (towards Lions Bay). It’s a great time of year to book one of our 5 or 8 hour charters. We recommend an 8 hour to enable us to fish a whole tide.
For those of you wanting to give it a try on your own, we have been using Gibbsdelta tackle: mainly the Watermark flashers with a white, green or red blade or a chartreuse glow flasher. Rhys Davis heads with smaller anchovies seem to be working great for both variety of salmon, Springs or Coho.We’ve also been using a few different Yamashita little squirt hootchies for the Coho (picture attached of gear).This fishing should continue to be great with all the bait (anchovy schools) around. Looking toward August, the success should continue until we hopefully get a chance to fish for some Sockeye off the Fraser River.If that fishery doesn’t open, we are still in great shape with the Capilano Coho and the Springs returning to our rivers.
Feel free to call to book a charter or if you’re trying for yourself, ask a few questions. I’ll help any way I can. Until next time good luck let’s get out and enjoy a day.

Beautiful Spring Salmon (King Salmon) to start the morning off.

Having a break waiting for the next hit.

Two nice Springs (King Salmon) to start the day before the Coho showed up.


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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report August 28, 2017

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It has been a while since my last fishing report. We have had some great Vancouver fishing charters the past month and it should continue till the end of September if the rains stay away.  The Howe Sound pink fishery is now done so we are turning our focus to fish returning to the Fraser and Capilano Rivers. Right now, we’re mainly fishing off the Fraser River. In the next week or so, the Capilano River should start to pick up again for the fall fishery. We’ve been successful lately with some great sized Springs mixed with a few Coho and Pink as well.  We are mainly fishing the Bell Buoy area to just South of the North arm, 30 to 80ft with Ryhs Davis heads and anchovies as well as Gibbsdelta Watermark flashers with the skinny g homeland security.  We have a few days available for charters for the Fraser River fishery as well as some days available later in September for the Capilano fishery which we only fish the flood tide. Call anytime for charter booking or to ask questions if you are going to try yourself.  The rest of the year looks great. Come spend a day on the Watermark.  Until next time good luck. 


Watermark Salmon Fishing Charters Jan 2017

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report – January 9, 2017

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Happy New Year to everyone!  First fishing report of the year. Our winter fishing in Vancouver has launched into full swing over the past month and is yielding some great results!  For the first time in over 5 years my marina has iced us in but with warmer temperatures coming next week, we should be able to get out and at her!

Woman holding salmon caught on board the Watermark - Jan 2017Fishing off the Watermark - January 2017

Howe Sound has been producing a fair number of legal Spring salmon smattered with a few undersized as well.  The usual spots: Tunstall Bay, 3rd Marker, Hutt Island and Grace have all produced.  Further up the sound: Defense Islands and Porteau Cove have seen a few nice fish but haven’t been fished as much due to the constant outflow winds.  English Bay has had some good days from the freighters to the Capilano River on the flood tide but there seems to be more undersized than legal in English Bay with a lot of grilse at times. Let’s also not forget the prawning and crabbing which we’ve been doing well on our trips as well!

Full prawn traps Watermark Salmon Fishing Charters - Jan 2017Prawns from traps Watermark Salmon Fishing Charters - Jan 2017Salmon and crabs caught on the Watermark - Jan 2017

No matter where we’re fishing, we fish the bottom or some forms of structure.  It’s important in winter fishing to be very close to the bottom as you troll.  For tackle, we’ve been using Gibbsdelta.  Flashers we’ve been using the Watermark white, chartreuse blades, chartreuse glow or purple slurpee.  We’ve been using a bit of bait.  Usually on one of the four rods I troll the UV green Rhys Davis head.  In winter, I love spoons.  The G force, Skinny G have been great in the colours Irish Cream and the outfitter.  The silver horde I’ve been hitting fish in the Irish Cream colour as well.

Flasher with caught Salmon on the Watermark - Jan 2017Man holding salmon on board the Watermark - Jan 2017View from the Watermark Salmon Fishing Charter - Jan 2017

In the coming weeks, the winter fishing in Vancouver should get better and better.  Now is the time we usually start to see it picking up but we’ve had a great month so far which hopefully is a sign of a few spectacular months to come!  We are offering a special for the next month on 8hr winter local charters.  Give me a call to get out on

the water or if you want some advice to go it alone!

Give me a shout 604.816.8944 happy to help any way I can! Enjoy the start of the new year!


Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report – April 19, 2016

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After a few slower days due to wind, rain and choppy water, we’ve seen the fishing picking back up to the normal April fishery. Over the past week we’ve been keying in on fishing the South end of Bowen Island with some good results.  We’ve also been in Howe Sound Tunstall Bay, 3rd Marker, Grace or at Hole in the Wall near Horseshoe Bay.  Other people have had some good days further up the sound at Defense Islands as well.


We’ve seen fish weighing in the high teens with the biggest marking a whopping 29lbs!  A great fish for any time of year!!  This fishery is great for charters.  Trips start at 5 hours but we would recommend fishing a whole tide so 8 hours is your best bet for seeing results and getting those exciting bites!!  Mixed in with the legal fish we have had a quite a few undersized Spring salmon, Grilse salmon and the odd small Coho.  Some days we’ve also seen a lot of Hake which is a bit of a pain but usually the salmon are near them.


We’ve been fishing at depths of 80-140 feet at the South end of Bowen Island using Gibbsdelta flashers, the Watermark or Chartreuse Glow.  For spoons we’ve been using Gibbsdelta Skinny G, the Outfitter, Irish Cream. Silver Horde the Homeland Security.  Bait has turned back on using the same flashers as above with Rhys Davies heads the UV green, the 2 tone green glow, the tiger have also been working well with 5-8 foot leaders.  We’ve seen some success on hootchies.  White has worked well on a shorter leader.


Crabbing has been OK, but not great lately.  The crab near my marina off the West Vancouver coastline have been molting. I’m hopeful it’ll pick up soon.  Prawning has been inconsistent – very hit or miss.


Give me a call to book a charter or to ask questions about the different trips we offer  Feel free to reach out with questions on gear if you’re going to give it a try on your own.  Always happy to help out any way I can.


Until next time, good luck!

Mark – 604-816-8944


First Salmon Fishing Report of 2016 – March 22, 2016

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Well, it’s that time of year again!  Springtime and the Vancouver charter season has kicked off.  The early Spring Vancouver fishery has had some unbelievable stretches in and around Vancouver spanning from English Bay, the west side of Bowen Island to the top end of Howe Sound at Defense Islands.  The feed (herring and anchovies) has been more abundant than I’ve seen in years and the fish are sticking with it.  If the positive trends over the past month continue the fishing at the south end of Bowen Island in  April and May is shaping up to be fantastic!


Over the past month, the fishing has been good but the last week has been amazing.  There has been a wide area of places that have produced fish and most sports have been good to excellent.  Great bets are Defense Islands, Porteau Cove, Grace Island, 3rd marker, Hutt Island, Tunstall Bay, English Bay and the bell buoy.  Good bets on gear (and what the Watermark has been using) are Gibbsdelta gear the  Watermark flashers, chartreuse glow or blue glow.  Behind the flashers, the Gibbsdelta Skinny G, the Irish Cream or the Outfitter have been hot!  We haven’t been using much bait, usually fishing 3 spoons and one bait and we have been using the Rhys Davis heads (the 2 tone green glow one) or the UV green head with 5.5 inch anchovies on a 5-7 foot leader.  Check the pictures out from the last few days to see our catches!


The Watermark 31ft Pursuit is now ready for charters for another year.  I can’t wait to get out there to get people fishing, enjoying the waters, see the wildlife and scenery.  Why not enjoy all Vancouver has to offer from the water in style and comfort.  Feel free to call to ask about our different fishing charters from 5 hour trips to multi-day trips.  Now is a great time to book while the days with the best tides are still available.  As always, if you’re going to try your hand at it on your own feel free to contact me with questions about the area and gear to use.  It’s always my pleasure to help out.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Mark – 604-816-8944



Salmon Fishing Report – August 25, 2015

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  After another great week of Vancouver fishing and it’s still going strong. The last couple weeks we’ve been mainly keying on the Pink salmon run up Howe Sound the action was nonstop.  It’s a great experience for kids and people that like spin casting up beautiful Howe Sound or for those that have never caught a salmon. We had many (50 to 80+) Pink salmon in the mornings, mainly fishing near Camp Potlatch. Those fish have pretty well moved on up to the Squamish River and we aIMG_20150822_163404re now keying on the Spring run going to the Fraser River.  It’s a great time to do a charter if you want to catch the big one. IMG_20150822_185459

 We have started fishing anywhere from Point Atkinson (Lighthouse Park). Bell Buoy, North Arm to the South Arm of the Fraser River. The fishing most days has been great. In addition to hitting Spring salmon we also have released some Sockeye salmon and hit Pink salmon heading to the IMG_20150822_173650Fraser River as well. This fishery will continue till the early part of September.  Come that time we will fish the Capilano River on the West Vancouver shoreline for the great run of Springs we get there. The main run of Pink salmon hasn’t hit the Fraser River yet so mix that in with the Spring salmon and we have a great couple weeks ahead of us.

 Majority of our Pinks have been caught using light tackle action. Tackle to use is the Gibbs Minnow the 3 quarter ounze ‎ pink jig has been producing great results. The last few trips of the FraserIMG_20150822_180253 River I’ve mainly been using Rhys Davis heads with the Watermark flasher 40 to 80ft with anchovies with great success.

If you want a chance at a big Spring/King salmon, now is the time to do a fishing charter! September is also a great time to get your chance at a Tyee salmon. If possible,doing charters in the week gets yoIMG_20150825_113209u away from the crowds of the weekend and makes it that much more enjoyable. Call to see avialable days and ask questions about the remaining fisheries we have. If you are trying to catch the big one youself feel free to ask questions also. Until next time good luck.

Salmon Fishing Report – Vancouver, BC August 11, 2015

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      It’s been roughly another week in the vancouver salmon charter scene with great results all over.

In the last week Howe Sound has really started see big numbers of Pinks showing up.  Spin casting for them with Gibbs minnows has been dynamite in the 3 quarter ounce pink color.  There are several areas to do this fishery off Furry Creek golf course and Porteau Cove.  Keep an eye out when running, there are large schools heading up the shoreline.  Stop and fish if you see Pinks finning or jumping! We have been keying on Potlatch which is an area just south of Defense Islands.  It’s one of the most beautiful places we fish all year.  If you like light tackle action this is a great fishery for you and it’s great for kids with so much activity.IMG_20150807_170216 IMG_20150807_171636 FullSizeRender_0 IMG_20150807_173304

There are several other areas providing the chance of a great day on the water. In the last week Seal Rocks just off the West Vancouver shoreline has been on fire most days. There has been massive schools of Pink salmon and most trips we have had a shot at some nice Springs. Other great trips have been off IMG_20150728_084330Point Atkinson (Lighthouse Park) toward Passage Island. We have hit some real nice Springs with a mixture of Pink salmon and have even released some Sockeye salmon. Also seeing great results T10, Bell Buoy, and the West Vancouver shoreline near the mouth of the Capilano River.  All have produced Pink salmon, a few Coho salmon and some nice Springs. In all these areas should continue to have great fishing for quite a while.

IMG_20150721_120334In the last week I have been spin casting or jigging for the Pink salmon up Howe Sound where I use Gibbs 3 quarter ounce pink jigs. For trolling I use exclusively Gibbs Delta flashers chartruse glow, or the Watermark continues to rock! Rhys Davis heads with anchovies and a small mini hootchie UV with pink splatter has been great for Pinks (see picture to get an idea of the hootchie.)

Call to ask questions or about our different fishing charter options. Feel free to call if you are trying to catch them yourself I have no problem helping you guys out any way I can.  Until next time good luck.



Big Spring Salmon

July 25th Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report

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This week on the Vancouver fishing charter scene we’ve seen a mix of Coho, Spring and Pinks and some great results across the board!


The Pink salmon have shown up in pretty big numbers with more showing up every day. The shore casters up Howe Sound at Furry Creek have started to do well.  The guys that have gone up Howe Sound have done very well wherever they find the schools from Potlatch to Furry Creek. We will start doing this in the next week if not sooner.  It’s a great fishery for young kids and people that like light tackle salmon fishing coupled with the scenery of Howe Sound you can’t beat it. The tackle we use for thse pinks is spinning Rods with Gibbs minnow 3/4 ounze ‎pink jigs they drive the pink salmon nuts.


First Salmon

All smiles after her first salmon ever, for a wet and rough day she was a champ. Reeled in a few of them herself.

Morning Charter Results

Great catch from morning charter. Kept 3 nice springs, lost 2, kept 5 pinks and lost a bunch.

Couple more springs from this morning, Rhys Davis Heads and watermark flashers rocking it at 40-60ft

Couple more springs from this morning, Rhys Davis Heads and watermark flashers rocking it at 40-60ft

Nice Big Spring Salmon

Real Nice Spring to start a morning charter, caught on gibbs watermark flasher and Rhys Davis head with an anchovie.


The West Vancouver shoreline has still been producing quite a good number of salmon; a mix of Coho, Pinks and a few Springs. We have been fishing more off of Point Atkinson (Lighthouse Park) over to the QA Marker (Point Grey), to Cowans Point (Bowen Island). As you see in the pictures we have had great days on the water in the last few days. Other areas are good bets are Hole in the Wall just outside Horseshoe Bay, t10 off the middle arm of the Fraser River, and if you’d like a day trip the Gulf Islands off Gabriolla Island which have all had fish caught there in the last week. Back on the West Vancouver shoreline, we’ve landed a couple Springs weighing in the mid-twenties – big fish for this time of year! On one charter we kept 3 springs and lost 2 more. This fishery is fun for everyone.  We stand a great chance at getting into a big Spring while catching Pinks or Coho salmon. The gear that has worked has been the Watermark flasher with Rhys Davis heads the two glow green one or the UV one with anchovies and a little Yamachita pink UV squirt hootchie has been great for Pinks.


Gibbs watermark flashers or chartreuse glow with Rhys Davis heads and a yamashita pink uv squirt.

Call for info on the different fishing charters that we can do or call if you’d like to pick my brain if you are heading out yourself to try your luck and I can help you out. Until next time good luck!

Mark – 604-816-8944



Family with Pink Salom on Watermark

July 17 Salmon Fishing Report for Vancouver, BC

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A couple more weeks of some great salmon fishing in Vancouver. Over the last two weeks we have been successfulon every salmon  fishing charter we have had.  It’s looking good to keep that streak going.  The fish will keep showing up for the next few months in the Vancouver area.

Happy Customers with limit of pink salmon

Limit of Pink Salmon

The Gulf Islands isn’t producing as much as the local fisheries. The few charters that have made the trip have picked up the odd nice Spring salmon and have hit a few Pinks. It’s still a good call if you want a change of scenery and a full day on the water but with all the salmon locally there’s no reason for us to head that way unless someone wants to see the sights.

Pink Salmon Fishing lure beat up from pink salmon going after it.

Gibbs Minnow beat up from pinks hitting it.

Children holding their first salmon catch.

Great time of year for children / kids to catch their first salmon

Releasing a wild coho

Releasing a wild coho

The local salmon fishing has been great this last week getting 12 to 20 hits a morning on the West Vancouvershoreline. We have been hitting West Van from off Lighthouse Park (Point Atkinson) to the mouth of the Capilano River. It’s been a mix of Pink salmon, Coho salmon, and Spring salmon. This area will continue to get better in the weeks to come as the salmon head back to their river systems.  There are other fisheries coming up in the Vancouver area. We have the Fraser River Sockeye run coming in August as well as Fraser River Springs and then the September Capilano Spring salmon run. ‎Until the big rains in the end of September, or hopefully later, we have great opportunities  for Coho, Springs, Pinks, Sockeye (if we get opened for them), and later on Chums.

The most recent fishery that has started is up Howe Sound about 20 min boat ride from Horseshoe Bay. This fishery happens every two years when the Pink salmon swarm back to the Squamish river system and other river systems.  This is a great light tackle fishery and great for kids so book now. These are the days when you actually hook up to 50 plus fish a morning. It’s great fun for all and a great way to get your kids into boating and fishing. My key to being successful in this fishery is I use one jig and it seems to do the job over and over. It the Gibbs Minnow 3 quarter ounce pink jig. We cast them or jig them and it drives the Pinks crazy.

Customer reeling in a Pink Salmon on light takle

Light Takle Pink Salmon Fishing

Large pink salmon caught by our charter customer.

Customer holding a nice big pink salmon

Main tackle that’s been working for us on the west vancouver shoreline has been Gibbs Delta flashers the Watermark or Chartruse glow, with Rhys Davis heads. We have had some luck on the Yamishita the Big Ugly but mostly on anchovies.

Gibbs Tackle that worked well this week on the west van shoreline

Gibbs Tackle that worked well this week on the west van shoreline

The crabbing remains strong in Howe Sound and usually stays that way. Call to book a charter or to ask questions about different trips that are available. Don’t think you are bugging me if you are thinking of going out yourself to try your luck. I can help you out with what I use, where, leader lengths, depths and whatever else you need some advice on.

Mark – 604-816-8944


Vancouver Salmon Charter Report – Watermark – 06/30/2015

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Interesting last few days in the Vancouver charter scene. There has been some mixed fishing from English Bay, Howe Sound to the Gulf Islands.

The Gulf Islands have been mainly slow but some boats have found some pockets of salmon and done well. There have been a few fish caught in The Hook at Thrasher Rock right off Gabriola Island. Entrance Island has been the most consistent spot with small pockets of fish ‎and Spring salmon being caught ranging from 14 to the low 20’s. There was a 35lb halibut caught also this week a great surprise for someone trolling for salmon!

July is upon us in the Vancouver area and fishing in English Bay (West Vancouver shoreline) is going to pick up any day with Coho and Springs. There have been a few good days on the West Van shoreline.  A few early schools of Coho are appearing; if you hit them you can do well. Some boats have caught between 2 and 5 Coho in a trip and losing as many which is great for this time of year. More schools will begin showing up each day. ‎With this warm summer and no water in the Capilano River should shape up to be a great month on the West Vancouvershoreline.

Howe Sound has still been steady with some Springs getting caught at Hole in the Wall (just outside Horseshoe Bay) up to past Sunset Marina. We were out Saturday up Howe Sound fishing Hole in the Wall to Lions Bay. We ended up with 5 Pink salmon and had 6 other on or hits. It is very early for Pinks and will be interesting if they stick around. The Spring fishing usually picks up here in the next week and if we have a mix of Pinks in there we have a great July ahead of us between the Howe Sound fishery and the West Vancouver shoreline fishery toward the Capilano River.  Crabbing remains very good for Dungeness crab and should continue.  2015-06-30 (3) 2015-06-30 (1) 2015-06-30 (2)

We are out on a great charter today with regular customers and we are in the area we were saturday. We are just outside vancouver up howe sound near horseshoe ‎bay and we have 3 pink in the box lost 3 and a nice spring salmon and there are anchovies all over the surface. A great start to a late morning charter. Another beautiful day in vancouver for a fishing charter.

Tackle that has been working well this week. Gibbs delta flashers the watermark or chartreuse glow. The Irish cream skinny G has been steady also. The best has been rhys davis heads the UV green or the two green glow.

Call to book a charter or ask questions. Feel free to call if you are planning to go out and try and get the big one yourself. Look forward to hearing from you.

Mark – 604-816-8944

Vancouver Salmon Charter Fishing Report June 18, 2015

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Another week or so has passed in the Vancouver fishing charter scene. The wind has not been very friendly the last week making fishing tough in a lot of areas.

There have been mixed results for salmon in the last week ranging from the West Vancouver shoreline, Howe Sound, around Bowen Island to the Gulf Islands.

The Gulf Islands (Gabriola island) have been spotty at best.  The winds have not helped making it hard to fish. The people that have fished Thrasher Rock, and the Grande have produced a few fish but you need to put in the hours. If the wind cooperates for the fishing derby over there this weekend, we should see some nice fish weighing in.

The West Vancouver fishery has just started and in the next week or so it should start to get pretty consistent for Coho salmon with some Spring salmon mixed in. A few people have started to fish it. I’ve heard recently of one boat who kept two Coho and another boat I know lost 2 Coho a few days ago.  Howe Sound has been the most consistent place in the last week partly because most winds don’t effect these spots and usually you are fishing in flat calm water. Up Howe Sound continues to produce some nice fish Defence Islands is a great bet.  A boat I know caught a couple of nice fish.  One 24lb and another 17lb. imagejpeg_2_0(1) IMG_20150614_190612 IMG_20150505_105023 (1) Both were caught on a Rhys Davis head with an anchovy. Hole in the Wall near Horseshoe Bay has been very consistent (partly because it’s been calm) with nice fish ranging from low teens to a wopper that weighed in at 35lbs (and a legit 35!) Other places that have produced fish this week is Salmon Rock and Gower Point just outside of Gibsons.  This morning as I cleaned my boat a guy from my marina came in with a nice 16lb Spring from the South end of Bowen island.

We have been hitting fish between 60 an 100ft with Gibbs Delta flashers, Chartreuse Glow or the Watermark. There is feed ( herring or anchovies) at Hole in the Wall and as long as that stays, it should continue to produce some nice fish.   The July fishery can be great here.  Hole in the Wall has always been a favorite spot of mine to try and get the big one especially in the early morning or evening.   The main tackle I use on the West Vancouver waterfront is Rhys Davis heads two tone green glow, or UV green with Gibbs Delta, Chartreuse Glow or the Watermark flashers. The 1.5in Gibbs Gypsy, Flaming Hans or the Coho Killer Red Racer spoons are other go to’s.

It looks like the wind might blow a few more days and hopefully we settle into a calm pattern.  With July fast approaching fishing should start to pick up pretty quick. If you have any charter questions give me a call and I can help you out or if you are trying to catch the big one yourself feel free to call and ask questions or drop by my boat when I’m there and I can show you what I use and point you in the right direction.

Mark – 604-816-8944

Happy Customers

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter Report June 5, 2015

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Another week on the Vancouver fishing charter scene with some mixed results.  We’ve had some beautiful sunny weather albeit a couple of windy days as well.

The Gulf Islands have been spotty to say the least.  The salmon fishing on the Vancouver side of the Straight has been a lot more consistent due to the abundance of feed (herring).  This could – and should – change in the coming days.  We expect the feed (herring) to return to the Gulf Island side of the Strait of Georgia very soon.  Provided this feed migration, the fishery will get back to its usual consistency.

Last week, the Watermark did a two day charter out of Silva Bay.  My customers stayed at the quaint Silva Bay Inn.  The fishing was quite slow.  The first day we mainly fished the Grande and we ended up with 3 nice Springs, a couple undersized, lost one and hit another.  The second day was very rough for the first few hours.  We ended up with a hit, an undersized and a mid-teen Spring to finish up the charter.  The day ended with the Orcas coming through.  They stayed within our sight for an hour or so.  Great people and good times on the water.  We saw very little bait in two days, not the usual Gulf Island fishing but we still did well and brought home some nice fish.  During the charter we mainly used Gibbs flashers, the Watermark or chartreuse glow flashers.  Spoons we used skinny G Irish Cream, Silver Horde, Homeland Security 4in or the 4in Kitchen Sink.  Another good set up was with the Rhys Davis Head, the UV green.

On the Vancouver side of the Georgia Strait we have been keying in on fishing the South end and to the west of Bowen Island.  The fishery will continue until the feed disappears.  Nearly every fish I’ve gutted this week has had feed in its stomach.  The last two days we have done quite well for this time of year.  Wednesday we ended up keeping 3 nice Spring salmon from 12-17lbs, 2 undersized, 2 hits that didn’t stick and lost one more.  We also kept 11 crab and about 50 prawns – not a bad local fishing charter in Vancouver!


Today we went out into Georgia Strait to the South end of Bowen Island.  The water was a bit sloppy for the first couple of hours and the fishing was a bit slower.  The trip wasn’t as long as some of our more recents and we still came home with 2 nice Spring salmon – 12 and 15 pounds – and had two others that didn’t stick around to play.  We did bring in our limit of Dungeness crab (12).  We’ve pulled the prawn traps for the next couple of weeks until the commercial fishery closes in Howe Sound.  We did try a morning at Hole in the Wall in Howe Sound to see if there was anything there.  It was some great fishing a couple weeks ago but this trip there was minimal feed which meant we only caught one undersized in a few hours.  The gear working best off the South end of Bowen Island was mainly Rhys Davis heads 2 green glow heads, the UV green behind the Gibbs Watermark flashers or chartreuse glow.  Leaders ranging from 5 to 7 feet.

It’s a great time of year for a Vancouver salmon fishing charter.  You stand a good chance of catching some salmon and the crabbing should remain very good to make for a great feast at the end of the day!

Call for any questions about fishing charters or questions about accommodations.  If you want some pointers on where to fish yourself, I’m happy to help you out advising what to use and where.

Until the next report, good luck and I hope to hear from you.

Mark – 604-816-8944

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter Report May 21st

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May 21st, another sunny day on the water in Vancouver and more great results!  A 5 minute run from the dock (30 minutes from Vancouver) and we dropped our lines in Howe Sound.  Fishing was steady the whole morning.  The waters in Howe Sound have been abundant with feed (herring) which is why the fishing has been so amazing lately.  We ended up keeping 3 springs, all around 14 lbs.  We released a couple of undersized and had one in the high 20s that we lost right at the net.  We also had a couple more that didn’t stick.  As long as the feed sticks around, the salmon should stay as well.  On top of the steady fishing action minutes from Horseshoe Bay we saw a pair of ospreys and bald eagles.  A great morning on the water fishing in Vancouver.IMG_20150521_085533

We were using anchovies on all 4 rods.  Today I wasn’t on the water but friends out there were updating me how great it was!  One boat kept 6 springs one of which topped out at 31lbs!!  Another boat kept 4 nice springs, it could have been more but they’d hit their limit.  It sounded like most boats had a shot at a couple nice fish, fishing right at near Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.  It’s great when the local waters are producing like this!

Call to book a Vancouver fishing charter or to ask questions about trying it out on your own.  Good luck until next time!

Mark – 604-816-8944

Vancouver Salmon Charter

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charters Report May 20, 2015

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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charters Report May 20, 2015

Now that we’ve got the Watermark back in the water, we’ve seen a couple great days of sun, calm waters and catching fish in Vancouver.

There is a wide area of places to fish in and around Vancouver and the Gulf Islands right now.  With this weather, charters will be picking up  especially if the local fishing stays good.

A lot of charters are heading over to the Gulf Islands for full day charters.  They’re seeing some mixed results – some spotty days and some great days.  The killer whales have been over there a lot lately which doesn’t help the fishing!  It should start to get more consistently good with great numbers of spring salmon.  May and June can be absolutely outstanding in that area!  I will be in the Gulf Islands for two or three days next week.  With the calm water we’re expecting to have a fantastic time.

In the Gulf Island area most fish have been caught around Silva Bay off Thrasher Rock and up the Straight of Georgia to Five Fingers.  Fishing between 120-200 feet using Rhys Davis heads with anchovies, G-Force and Silver Horde spoons with 5-8 foot leaders behind the Gibbs Delta chartreuse glow flashers hVancouver Salmon Charterave been working well.  This fishery is just starting and with it being only an hour boat ride away from Vancouver, it’s a great way to spend the day if it’s calm.  We do 8+ hour salmon fishing charters and up when head to the Gulf Islands.

On the Vancouver side of the Straight of Georgia, fishing has remained strong most days.  Howe Sound seems to have numerous spots in the last few days that have produced fish.  Porteau Cove, Defense Island, Salmon Rock, Gower Point, Hole in the Wall and the South end of Bowen Island.  The South end of Bowen has produced some really great days from right off Cowan Point to the Hump and west.
Vancouver Salmon Charter

We went out yesterday afternoon for a few hours to give the boat a run after it had been out of the water for its yearly clean up.  We fished a few hours in the afternoon in flat calm and sunny weather west of Roger Curtis with downtown Vancouver in the distance.  We ended up keeping one nice spring about 13lbs, lost one in the mid to high teens and released 3 undersized.  We also had one hit that didn’t stick and only saw about 6 cod.  A good sign that they may be thinning out.

I had a great morning out with a friend in Howe Sound this morning.  We headed just north of Horseshoe Bay.  We kept 2 springs around 15lbs and had a shot at 4 more.  You’d think two guides would have a better ratio than that!  Other than our great morning on the water we saw bald eagles and even saw an osprey within 5 minutes of the marina.  We start local fishing charters at 5 hours but it’s great to make a day of it so we can hit a couple of tides and catch the fish as they come through.  We are so much closer to the fishing grounds than most marinas – only a 5-15 minute boat ride from local Vancouver salmon fishing charters and we’re only about a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Call for any questions or booking on charters.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Mark – 604-816-8944

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter Report – May 17, 2015

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Another couple of weeks have gone by on the Vancouver fishing charter scene and we’ve had some good results around the city.  The Watermark has been out of the water this past week getting cleaned up and ready for the upcoming Vancouver fishing charter high season.


Where to go?  The South end of Bowen Island near the hump and the West side of the Island have been producing decent results for several charters.  Howe Sound, just up from Vancouver, hasn’t been fished much but the few people I know who have chartered there have done well.  Porteau Cove has produced also.  As usual, local Vancouver hot spots Hole in the Wall, the 3rd Marker and Grace Islands and Salmon Rock have seen some great fishing.  The next run of fish we will hit is in the Gulf Islands around Gabriola (due west of Vancouver headed towards Vancouver Island) where we usually fish off Thrasher Rock.  Many of my charter customers like to do a full 8 hour charter over to the Gulf Islands as it’s just over an hour run from Vancouver.


What to use and how deep to fish?  At the South end of Bowen we’ve been successful using Rhys Davis heads (the two toned green one) behind a Gibbs chartreuse glow flasher dropping between 100-130 feet.  At Porteau Cove our charters have used the same tackle set up but fishing at a depth of 80-110 feet.  Hole in the Wall, 3rd Marker, Grace Islands and Salmon Rock use bait with a Rhys Davis head behind a Gibbs Delta flasher.  Spoons also do well.  I use the G-Force, Silver Horde in the Flaming Hans, Homeland Security or Irish Cream colours – to name a few.  I generally stick to a 5-7 foot leader.  Remember to consistently check your lines as there are abundant cod off the South end of Bowen island  and many charters have been plagued with them occupying their salmon lines!

Crabs & Prawns

Crabbing is still very good and even with the commercial prawn season opening in Vancouver, prawning has remained steady as well.


It’s a great time to book a salmon fishing charter in Vancouver!  If you want to charter in comfort, the Watermark is a 31ft Pursuit Express.  Call to book a charter or to ask questions.  I’d be happy to help out any way I can during your stay in Vancouver.  Until next time good luck!

Mark Finney

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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter – May 4, 2015

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Another week of good fishing in the Vancouver area.  The water hasn’t been cooperative in the past week so I haven’t been out at much as I’d like but when I’ve been out, we’ve seen some results.  The other boats that have been braving the conditions and finding the patches of calm water have been garnering some great results.

Watermark got out on Sunday for the North Shore Fish and Game Clubs fishing derby out of Thunderbird Marina.  A big thank you to Derek Hardy for putting on another great day and of course thanks to all that helped with the event and donated prizes.  There was a bit of a westerly blowing that day which made fishing a bit tough but we were fortunate enough to get some sun.  We ended up placing 7th out of over 200 tickets sold!  We kept one legal, lost 2 legals, released another 2 and got a good smack that didn’t stick.  The cod are also out there and becoming a bit of a nuisance.  We had to check our rods every 10 minutes and at one point every line had a cod on.  We caught over 20 on Sunday!  It’s tough to catch a salmon when you’re dragging cod around!  Overall, it was a bit slow with the pressure of the derby and the full moon the night before but we were pretty pleased with our result nonetheless!

The south end of Bowen Island is the place to be right now, weather dependent of course.  The most successful gear hasn’t changed much in the past weeks.  Anchovies with Rhys Davis heads working best with 6-8 foot leaders or the Silver Horde Homeland 3.5in with the same length leader is working well.  I’m pretty much only using 2 flashers right now made by Gibbs Delta tackle – the Watermark or the Chartreuse Glow.  In the next week or two the Gulf Islands will heat up.  A few boats have started to see some results a bit north of Nanaimo, not far from Thrasher Rock and Gabriolla Island.  For these destinations we do full day trips and when it’s on, it’s lights out fishing within an hour of Vancouver.   Crabbing and prawning is still very good.  Prawning will be ending soon with the start of the commercial season.  Soon if you don’t pull your traps from the water, someone else will do it for you!

IMG_20150430_154456 IMG_20150429_104911

Now is a great time to book a charter for a local trip, there are lots of fish starting to migrate down the Straight.  Until next time, call for more info or to chat strategy if you want to give it a shot on your own!

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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter Report – April 20, 2015

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It has been another good week on the Vancouver charter scene garnering great results not only on the Watermark but other boats as well.

Most boats are now fishing somewhere off the south end of Bowen Island with good to great results most days.  Areas also producing: the 3rd marker in Howe Sound, Hutt Island, Grace Island and Hole in the Wall.  Keep an eye out for feed on the sounder, it’s usually a good bet that the Springs won’t be far away!  This fishery should continue for another month.  Over the next couple of weeks the Gulf Islands usually start to pick up and people start to migrate over towards Gabriola Island.

Over the last week we’ve been successful with a bunch of different gear.  The flashers that have produced the best results this week are Gibbsdelta flashers, chartreuse glow, or the Watermark.  Spoons: G force 3in Outfitter, 3.5 Bon Chovie and the Silver Horde 3in Homeland Security.  On the Watermark we exclusively use Rhys Davis heads.  The UV green or the two green flow work well with anchovies.  Leaders for bait and spoons are most effective between 5 and 7 feet.
IMG_20150417_103313 IMG_20150417_094309 IMG_20150417_081846 IMG_20150417_130531 IMG_20150417_131556

We’ve been averaging 6-12 hits each morning with salmon ranging from just undersized to up to 20 lbs.  Some we’ve lost to play while a few just didn’t stick.  These pictures are from a charter this past week.  We had a fantastic morning and ended the day with 5 springs ranging anywhere from 14-20lbs, a few undersized, a couple hits and a few Pacific cod (more of a nuisance).  To end the day, we had a great haul of crab and prawns.  In addition to the great fishery, this past week we’ve been entertained by eagles, seals and were even lucky enough to see killer whales.  A perfect ending to an already incredible day.

It’s a great time of year to book a charter.  The Straight of Georgia is always a great way to spend a day.  In order to get the best experience and yield the best results, we’d recommend a charter 5-7 hours and beyond so we can catch both sides of the tide but have a full tide in to fish.

If you have any questions feel free to call.  I’d love to have you out on the Watermark but equally as happy to answer questions if you want to give it a go on your own!

You can check us out and keep up to date on the Watermark adventures on Twitter: @salmoncharter or Facebook: Watermark Fishing Charters or on our website

Enjoy the weather and until next time…good luck.


Vancouver Salmon Charter - happy customers

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter Report – April 9, 2015

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Another week has passed producing some good results on the Vancouver fishing charter scene.  Defense Island is still generating good numbers with fish into the high teens and a few undersized.  As long as the bait sticks around this area should continue to produce.  Alternate locations include Grace Island, 3rd marker on the west side of Bowen Island and as usual Hole in the Wall is always a good bet.

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter - Salmon

We have now started to fish the south end of Bowen Island which will remain the main fishery for the next month or so and we should start to see a real pick up in the upcoming  week.  At the moment we are fishing anywhere off Cowan’s Point west.  Most fish we catch tend to be in the 13-16lbs range which is great to see.  The gear we have been most successful with this week has been the Gibbs Watermark flasher or chartreuse glow, Rhys Davis heads with anchovies.  Also, G-Force 3.5in spoons or Silver Horde homeland security spoons.  The best depths have been from 70-130 feet.

Vancouver Salmon Charter - happy customers

Today Watermark had a terrific group out on a charter.  Our lines were in around 7:45am off Slash.  We had our first fish pretty quick – a nice 14-15lbs Spring.  A great way to start the charter!  Throughout the morning we got another about the same size, one slightly below the legal limit and one even smaller.  We also had a good hit that didn’t stick…the one that got away!  Slower numbers today but still finished with 2 in the box.  We’ll blame it on the killer whales that came by and surprised us this morning!

Vancouver Salmon Charter - happy customers  Vancouver Salmon Charter - happy customers
In 3 times out this week we’ve had between 4 and 9 hits for salmon and quite a few Pacific cod mixed in.  The crabbing is good and the prawning is excellent.  It’s a perfect time to book an April charter.

If you have any questions about charters or if you’re just going out on your boat, feel free to call 604 816 8944 and I’d be happy to help any way I can.

24.5lb Spring Salmon at Hole in The Wall

First Fishing Report of 2015

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With the arrival of Spring in the Vancouver area, it’s fishing charter time!  It’s time to start hitting the water in pursuit of the many different runs of salmon heading to the coast of British Columbia (specifically Vancouver and its vicinity) for the next 6 months.  Last year was a banner charter season, one of the best in 20 years.  We saw record numbers of Sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser River in addition to other very strong runs in our river systems.  This year we have seen plentiful bait in our area.  It looks like we will have another great fishery mid-April through June for Spring salmon fishing in Howe Sound.  The south end of Bowen Island and the Gulf Islands are already showing promise to deliver excellent results.  We are expecting a massive pink run, another strong Sockeye season and Coho and Spring fishing through to the end of September and if the weather remains dry, we have been known to fish all the way to Halloween.  Watermark Charters finished it’s 2014 season with fish caught on October 10.  A great way to end a great charter season!

The Watermark is a 31’ Pursuit Express which is owner run to ensure quality every trip out on the water.  We leave from beautiful West Vancouver which is consistently one of the closest points to prime fishing grounds.  Why ride an extra 20 or 30 minutes when your lines can be in the water catching salmon?  The Watermark will be kicking off its charter season in the next week.  She’s cleaned up, tackle is ready, new cushions arriving shortly.  All we need is the weather to start cooperating a bit more and she is ready to go!  Equipment and amenities on the  Watermark are high end and deliver the creature comforts to satisfy the most discerning customer.  Last year the Watermark logged 80% repeat customers or referrals.  Watermark Charters strives for customer service excellence and this track record reinforces that people are enjoying their time on the water.  Many of these customers have not only become repeats but friends.

24.5lb Spring Salmon at Hole in The Wall

24.5lb Spring Salmon at Hole in The Wall

The fishing season is just starting to ramp up.  So far this spring, there have been some great fishing days.  With so much feed around, there have been more good days than bad.  This inconsistency is normal for this time of year but we have seen some excellent results which leads us to believe we’re in for a great season.  Many of our successes have been up Howe Sound – Defense Island, Hole in the Wall and Tunstall Bay on the west side of Bowen Island.  In addition, the third marker off Hutt Island, Grace Island and Gambier have all begun to produce.  The largest confirmed catch to date has been a 24.5lb Spring off Hole in the Wall, luckly by me with friends on their boat.  Others have come close in the high teens and low 20s, also large for this time of year.  Most of these fish have been caught on Gibbsdelta G force spoons, Gibbsdelta flashers and as of late Rhys Davis heads with anchovies.  It feels like an exciting season ahead!

We will be publishing fishing reports more often when we start hitting the water consistently.  For the fishermen out there, Gibbsdelta tackle has some great products to stock your tackle box.  Some of my favourites are the Gforce spoon, Silver horde, Coho killer and Gypsy spoons.  Flashers I exclusively use Gibbsdelta guide series flashers; a couple of my favourites are the Watermark and the chartreuse glow but I use far too many to list.  Rhys Davis heads are my go to when using anchovies and herring.  It’s also a great time of year for Dungeness Crab.  After a day on the water it’s great to check the crab traps and add a couple crabs to your catch at the end of your charter.  It’s a great way to spend a day!

Charters are starting to book up on the Watermark, beginning April 9.  If interested in booking a charter or have general questions about lodging, restaurants and other amenities when not on the water please feel free to call or email anytime.  Until next time, good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.  It’s going to be a great season!

You can follow us on our webpage or on Facebook at WatermarkFishing Charters or on Twitter @salmoncharter for daily reports!  Give us a call 604.816.8944 for info and to book a charter.  I am happy to help in any way I can.

Have a great day,