Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter – May 4, 2015

Another week of good fishing in the Vancouver area.  The water hasn’t been cooperative in the past week so I haven’t been out at much as I’d like but when I’ve been out, we’ve seen some results.  The other boats that have been braving the conditions and finding the patches of calm water have been garnering some great results.

Watermark got out on Sunday for the North Shore Fish and Game Clubs fishing derby out of Thunderbird Marina.  A big thank you to Derek Hardy for putting on another great day and of course thanks to all that helped with the event and donated prizes.  There was a bit of a westerly blowing that day which made fishing a bit tough but we were fortunate enough to get some sun.  We ended up placing 7th out of over 200 tickets sold!  We kept one legal, lost 2 legals, released another 2 and got a good smack that didn’t stick.  The cod are also out there and becoming a bit of a nuisance.  We had to check our rods every 10 minutes and at one point every line had a cod on.  We caught over 20 on Sunday!  It’s tough to catch a salmon when you’re dragging cod around!  Overall, it was a bit slow with the pressure of the derby and the full moon the night before but we were pretty pleased with our result nonetheless!

The south end of Bowen Island is the place to be right now, weather dependent of course.  The most successful gear hasn’t changed much in the past weeks.  Anchovies with Rhys Davis heads working best with 6-8 foot leaders or the Silver Horde Homeland 3.5in with the same length leader is working well.  I’m pretty much only using 2 flashers right now made by Gibbs Delta tackle – the Watermark or the Chartreuse Glow.  In the next week or two the Gulf Islands will heat up.  A few boats have started to see some results a bit north of Nanaimo, not far from Thrasher Rock and Gabriolla Island.  For these destinations we do full day trips and when it’s on, it’s lights out fishing within an hour of Vancouver.   Crabbing and prawning is still very good.  Prawning will be ending soon with the start of the commercial season.  Soon if you don’t pull your traps from the water, someone else will do it for you!

IMG_20150430_154456 IMG_20150429_104911

Now is a great time to book a charter for a local trip, there are lots of fish starting to migrate down the Straight.  Until next time, call for more info or to chat strategy if you want to give it a shot on your own!

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