Sept 1st fishing report 2013 for Vancouver Charter Fishing.

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The salmon fishing in Vancouver remains very strong off the Fraser river from the N. Arm to the S. Arm of the Fraser river. Check out my twitter @salmoncharter and you will see the results. We are getting a mixer of fish most days from releasing Sockeye salmon, and wild Coho with an odd hatchery mixed in and keeping a lot of Pink salmon, and the Chinook fishing (springs) has been great also. If there is no significant rain this should continue for another week or so. Call for more info and what trip best fits into this fishery for you.

After the Fraser river fishery slows down we move into English bay and start fishing the West Vancouver shoreline again for our last big run or Spring salmon for the year. This fishery we only fish the flood tide which is the low tide to the high tide this pushes the fish towards the river and concentrates them in a small area. In this fishery we also catch Coho salmon and a bit later on we get Chum salmon.  For this fishery we advise a 6hr charter minimum or fish the whole flood tide because the fish can come in anywhere on the tide. We also advise don’t fish the weekends if possible in the week there’s 15 to 20 boats and on the weekends there can be over a 100 boats fighting for a very small area and can sometimes shut the fishing right off.

Some great pics of our catches over the past week or so:

Off the Fraser river our best tackle have been Gibbs Highliner flashers with anchovie or herring, or Silver Horde spoons and for the Pink salmon little pink hootchies are best but they hit anything.

The Crabbing remains very good and should continue and we will be starting to prawn again also its a great way to end a Vancouver charter on the Watermark. Call for booking or questions I will help you out anyway I can. Unti next time good luck, another great summer coming to an end in Vancouver