Vancouver fishing report Aug 7th 2012

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The fishing has been nothing but excellent in the Vancouver area in the last few days.  English Bay along the West van shoreline is the main area that has been fished.  Over the last few days most trips we’re getting 12 to 25 hits it’s been great.  Most fish have been Coho salmon in the 3 to 9lb range with the odd Spring mixed in between 15 and 25lbs.  This should continue as long as we don’t have a big rain and the Capilano river water level rises.  Yesterday afternoon was our best trip we headed down to 31st street area and started to fish around 430pm by the time we trolled to the peir at 25th we had our limit of 4 nice hatchery Coho salmon already and lost 3 or 4.  Over the next couple hours we watched Coho jump and fin on the surface and we released 8 or 10 more Coho and losing many more we ended the day with losing a nice Spring salmon and getting one around 18lbs. 

We stopped fishing around 745pm it was a great few hours on the water.  There also have been some Springs starting to get caught at the Bell buoy and that should just get better with the Spring run we usually get off the Fraser in late August.  Up Howe sound is still a good bet but with the fishing on the West van shoreline to the Capilano river being so good it hasn’t been fished much.  To see what’s been happenning up to the minute check my twitter out on my web page.  Until next time good luck to book a charter please call 604-816-8944 Mark and if you have any questions feel free to ask.