Vancouver Fishing report April 22nd, 2012

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Fishing in Vancouver has had some mixed results over the past few days.  It looks like it has slowed down on the West side of Bowen island but part of that is most people have started to fish the South end of Bowen island.  There have been a few nice fish caught up Howe Sound at Defense islands mainly on spoons.  English bay near the bell Buoy has produced some nice fish in the last few days generally near the low slack.  The fish seem to be in the 10 – 14lb range and getting caught in the 80-100ft depth.  The South end of Bowen island has been decent also with a few boats doing well.  Fish seem to be getting caught between 90-140ft on spoons or anchovies.  The fish have been ranging from 10-14lbs similair to the Bell Buoy area but i do know of a few bigger fish getting close to the 20lb range.

The gulf Islands is experiencing  some great days with boats limiting out.  The fish seem to be offshore not in close to the Grande or Thrasher rock like they quite often are.  The Springs seem to be out 2 to 4 miles offshore and getting caught on spoons mainly between 120-180ft.

The crabbing has slowed down a bit but is still good. Prawning is great and fishing seems to be picking up everywhere a little bit every day.  Local waters are great for a 5 or 6hr charter or if you want to head out to the Gulf islands a full day is best and a great way to spend the day.  Good luck till next time if you have any questions feel free to call I will help you any way I can to make your Vancouver salmon fishing trip be the best it can be.

– Mark