August 1st 2011 Fishing Report & Charter Photos

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Sorry for so long between the Vancouver fishing reports.  The Gulf islands have slowed down quite abit but there’s still a few nice Springs over there and some nice ling cod have been caught.  Over this side of the Strait of Georgia a few Pinks have started to show up in front of the millions that are coming.  Enlgish bay has been producing a few Coho, Spring, and a few Pinks mainly on the West van shoreline from the pink apartments to point Atkinson.  Howe Sound has produced also some people did pretty good for the early pinks at Furry Creek, and Mc Nabb Creek casting in the shallows for them with an odd nice Spring getting caught while trolling also.  We fished today just North of Sunset marina we didn’t get off the dock till 9am but we got a nice 15lb Spring 2 Pinks and lost 3 pinks and saw a bunch more jump.  We checked the prawn traps on the way in and got about 70 prawns so not a bad day for getting a late start.  These Pinks should be here by the millions any day.  Feel free to give me a call with any questions i will be glad to help.  Untill next time good luck and tight lines Mark.