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Salmon Fishing Charter

Salmon Fishing CharterWell today we headed out on a charter, it wasn’t supposed to be the best day, but when we got to the South end of Bowen island we realised it was calm and the weather report was wrong. We headed over to Thrasher rock in the Gulf islands. It was worth it, as it was the best day of fishing of the year so far. We only fished 3 rods 143ft, 163ft, and 183ft one with a spoon, hootchie, and an anchovie. It didn’t matter what rod or lure they all got hit. We limited out very quickly with 4 nice Springs weighing betweeen 12 and 18lbs. After we limited out we realeased 4 more nice Spring biggest one being around 18lb and smallest about 13lbs and had 6 other ones on. We only had one undersize fish. We stopped fishing around 1230 after it had started to flood and the bait seemed to disappear and headed back over the the Straight of Georgia to Howe sound. We checked the prawn traps and did very well then headed into horseshoe bay. It was the best day of the year for us but has been very good over there for the last couple weeks or so. The South end of Bowen has still been producing some nice Springs also and there has been a rumor that some big fish have caught up Howe Sound. The next week looks good and the weather is going to get better for the long weekend so good luck till next time.