Sept 9th

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Sorry for the long time without a report just enjoying the summer fishing and enjoying the water. Over the last couple weeks there have been ups and downs in the fishing. The weather has been great and generally calm. In late August the South arm off the Fraser river was loaded with pinks, a long run but was well worth it. The Bell Buoy has had it’s good days and some slower days with a few Springs, Pink, Sockeye, and the odd Coho being caught. The last week the West van shoreline has started to heat up for those September Springs. Fishing from the Pink apartment to the Marker off the Capilano River on the flood is the tide to fish. We’ve been doing well on Jack Springs and our biggest Spring weighed in at 31lbs. If you have to fish the ebb tide there has been some good fishing at the Bell buoy. The biggest I’ve herd about was a 36lb Spring with a few more in the 20lb range. From now till the end off September or if the rains hold off into october is when we get our biggest fish of the year in English Bay to the Capilano river. It’s a Great time to try and catch your tyee to end the year off on a great note after a great summer of fun on the water. Untill the next report good luck hope to see you out there. The crabbing remains great and we’ll start prawning soon when a few less people are on the water.