Fishing Report March 11, 2010

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Well Spring time seems to be here. Fishing this winter was decent one day then slow the next day. There wasn’t that much feed around this winter if you found feed you usually picked up a few nice winter Springs. The Crabbing and Prawning this winter has been nothing short of amazing this should continue for both till the comercial prawning starts usually some time in June. This is the time of year in Vancouver we start to get a good number of Spring salmon showing up in the Straight of Georgia, Off the Fraser River, in Howe Sound, and for full day trips the Gulf Islands. The Herring have moved into the Straight to spawn in good numbers and the Spring salmon are usually not far behind. In the last week or so there have been a few Springs caught off Point Grey to the North Arm mostly just undersize with a few nice ones mixed in. The West side of Bowen seem to have bigger fish with some nice fish getting caught at Hutt Island, 3rd Marker, and Tunstall Bay. The South end of Bowen island starts to heat up at the end of March and goes till May. The crabbing in Howe Sound remains great all year round there’s no commercial fishery for them at any time in this area. This is the time of year everybody puts there boats back in the water and the marinas turn from ghost towns to full of boaters. They’ll be alot more people out fishing in the next few weeks so we’ll get a lot better idea of where the fish are and what they’re eating better having 100 boats spread out everywhere fishing to 10 or so boats fishing in the winter. Till next time good luck and if you have any questions email me and i’ll be glad to help you out the best i can. Should be a great year lets all hope the summer was as nice as the winter.