Fishing Report Aug. 13th, 14th

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Wow, was it ever a rainy day on the water! I had a group of guys that wanted to brave the rain so off we headed up Howe Sound to Camp Potlatch. We fished for 3 hours in the downpour and with a little luck we caught a Pink. We also lost one and had another hit. We then got a call that there were a little school of Pinks off of Furry creek. We got there and fished for about 15 minutes and limited out. They then disappeared. The Pinks are starting to hump up and are definately moving up towards Squamish river. In the harbour there were a few Springs taken for those who braved the rain. Friday was alot nicer of a day. We headed up the Sound in the afternoon. The people that fished the morning in English Bay at the Bell Buoy, had a few Springs and an odd Pink. We went and looked at Furry and saw nothing, so we headed up to Potlatch. At first we saw nothing, however, just before we left, we saw a little school of Pinks off of the creek. We ended up with 6 Pinks and we released a couple again. Some of them had very big roe in them already. They are definately headed up to the Squamish river. The next fishery should be very soon if we don`t get any more fresh Pinks up Howe Sound. There are still the Fraser Pinks to come also, and then we have our Springs still to come. These should be showing up at the Bell Buoy and then the Capilano Springs. Alot off great fishing ahead still just need things to dry up for us.


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