Fishing Report Aug. 4th

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The fishing for Pink Salmon in Howe Sound has remained unstable. One day appears successful and the next day is potentially a bit slower than normal. They still have not arrived in huge numbers yet, although every day is more promising, with increasing numbers of schools fining about. One of the main problems off of Potlatch is the numerous seals that we have encountered. It appears as though the schools that tend to come into the shallows are being scared off by these predators. Without a doubt, the best fishing is when the seals do not seem to be around. A few days ago, the Gulf Islands produced another Halibut off of Thrasher Rock. This is great news, and hopefully it continues! Some well sized Springs, the biggest one weighing 35lbs, have been caught off of the Fraser River from T10 down to the South Arm. The West Van shoreline has picked up within the last few days with regards to the Spring, Coho, and Pink Salmon. The most action and success seems to be on the flood tide where Springs into the low thirties have been caught, however most averaging into the high teens. It is great to see that fishing is continuing to improve everywhere. We still look forward to the main run of Pinks still to come in the near future. As per usual, the crabbing remains fabulous! This is a great time to book your charter and enjoy a day of fishing in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia!