Fishing Report July 22nd

The past few days some fish have started to show up. In Howe Sound there has been a few Pink salmon hit and some Springs. It’s nice to see the Pinks salmon it’s a bit early for them but when the first few show up it’s not long before Furry Creek, and Porteau Cove get hit by the thousands and limits happen every day. English Bay and the West Van shoreline not much seems to be happening on the Ebb. The big tides this week blows those fish out into the Strait Off Georgia. The Flood tide had been not bad some days with a boat yesterday getting 2 15lbs Springs and losing another one while another boat got a couple Coho and a Spring with a few more hits. Not many boats have been fishing off the Fraser River this week but the few boats that have gone down to the lightship which is off the South arm of the river have caught some nice Springs. There’re a few Sockeye in the river so very soon we should be catching and keying on them (waiting for them to open them for us). The Gulf islands, Thrasher rock, and the Grande if you put in the time through a tide has not been bad with a couple Springs up to 30lbs have been caught in the last few days. We fished today and headed up Howe Sound to try and see if we could find Pinks. We checked out the usual spots that we cast for them and nothing was there we saw a couple flip but no big schools to key on. We only picked up one Pink today but a beautiful day on the water flat calm and hot. The test sets up north have been great not long till we have more fish than we know what to do with. Call now for charters August is booking up quick.