Fishing Report July 1st

Would be nice to see the North West wind blow itself out not very often we get 5 or 6 days in a row of it blowing down the Straight of Georgia. The last few days very few people have been able to get out to where the fish have been. The Gulf islands very few people have been able to fish, there was a boat that got out for a few hours and got into a couple nice Spring salmon and other than that it’s been rough. On our side of the Straight of Georgia there has been no news of anybody fishing off the Fraser River but the count in the river has been good so t10 down South should be good when the wind stops. In English Bay on the West van shoreline again very rough but the few hours that have been fishable some Coho and Spring salmon have been caught should be good when the wind dies down the Capilano River is down to a trickle again so those fish should just stack up. Howe Sound a few nice Springs have been caught again alot of these spots have been rough but some fish have been caught at Defence islands, 3rd marker (off west side of bowen island), Hutt island (off west side of bowen island), and hole in the wall which is just outside Horseshoe Bay. The good news is the wind is sappossed to die down to 10 to 15knots on friday which should make alot of these spots very fishable and hopefully get back to our calm vacouver waters that we’re used to. Crabbing is still good and should continue to be that way for the whole summer.