Fishing Report June 25th

Today was the first not so good day in quite some time. It rained real hard on wednesday and the weather is changing back to sun so it’s not surprising it was slow everywhere today. The Gulf islands were slow but with the weather changing back to steady sun should be back in the next few days when the weather settles down. I was on the West van shoreline today in English Bay and it was very slow. A few nice Coho were taken in the early morning and that’s about all i herd. I fished in the afternoon and i did not hear or see a fish caught but with that rain those fish check the river out when it dries up in the next day or to the fish will start to stack up again it will just take a day or so. The Dungeness crabbing is still great 17 legal crab out of one trap yesterday. Big North west supposed to blow tomorrow should bring the sun back and should evan blow some Coho back to the West van shorline.